Pink Lining for ShoeTherapy

During each of her pregnancies Charlotte suffered considerable back pain until whilst pregnant with baby number four- Henrietta, she discovered ShoeTherapy. It was a natural collaboration that followed - Pink Lining for Shoe Therapy with Charlotte adding her Pink Lining design aesthetics to the signature ShoeTherapy ballerina style. Bright Hans Christian red inspired by the favourite childhood story tempered with chic cream trim and the signature Pink Lining bow detail adorns one whilst classic navy with cream inspired by her best selling Pink Lining navy bow fabric adorns the other - resulting in shoes that can be worn throughout and after pregnancy.


Pink Lining for ShoeTherapy shoes have been scientifically tested and clinical trials prove a reduction of up to 75% of back and joint pains experienced by women*. The patented sole is also designed to minimise strain on the calf muscles and improve poor circulation which helps prevent the appearance of varicose veins and cellulite.


The Pink Lining for ShoeTherapy inner sole features raised elements that help support the foot and optimise balance as you walk ensuring better posture and minimising muscle strain. The heel height and shape also promotes the ideal body posture in order to avoid backache. Most shoes do not allow your feet to find their natural balance which is the main cause of bad body posture and results in many back and joint pains. With ShoeTherapy you will immediately feel a positive impact on your body equilibrium whilst walking and you will experience the bounce and support provided by the ergonomically shaped heel that makes walking less strenuous. Improved blood circulation is achieved by the pressure points in the sole particularly in the back heel area. When walking the raised element’s of the sole exercise a gentle massage that promotes increased blood flow. With improved circulation more oxygen reaches and feeds your muscles, which is very important for muscles to work properly. Also by improving circulation you are able to move more blood through the tissues where cellulite forms and eliminate toxins to smooth those tissues.


Pink Lining for ShoeTherapy is recommended during pregnancy and also for the post-partum phase. The extra weight during pregnancy often results in back aches and bad posture. ShoeTherapy action on your posture will help alleviate back pain and stress on your joints. Heavy legs and swollen ankles are also symptomatic during pregnancy and the sole's active principle will relieve these symptoms.

*clinical tests carried out by 4 doctors and 2 orthopedists on 100 patients during a 6 month trial.