As parents to three young children and their youngest, Arthur, starting school next month, back to school worries are particularly front of mind for Pink Lining founders, Charlotte and Rufus Pearl at the moment!

So we asked our Facebook fans for their top ‘back to school advice’ and were inundated with practical, funny and moving tips for those taking children to school or nursery for the first time this month. These are our favourite 10 back to school tips from mums and teachers:

“Take your child on a few ‘dry runs’ of walking to school and show your little one where they'll be going and how they’re going to get there. My son is completely familiar with his nursery environment now and knows where he is going.” – Amy Tidd

“I kiss my daughters palm and fold fingers round it and say ' there's a never ending kiss from mummy, if you miss me or need a kiss you can get one at any time by opening you hand and it will float to your heart'. Soppy but my two year old loves that!”- Hannah Mills

“Definitely plan something to keep you occupied once you've dropped your little one off. Do you know any other mummies whose little ones are starting too? You could organise a coffee and cake morning to help everyone's nerves and keep them calm too. A few tears, from you, are perfectly normal and they will have the best time on their newest adventure in school” - Chantelle Pendergast

“We always take their photo on the first day back at the front door so you can look back every year and see them changing.” - Gemma Kendrick

“When my oldest two started Kindy or school I would write special notes to them in their lunch box. When they are not deeply involved in playing, they usually start 'thinking' [about mummy or daddy] and often little ones become upset. To let my little ones know I was thinking about them too, a little note in their lunchbox for the teacher to help read was always a great way of reminding them that I love them and would be back soon to collect them.” - Lori Chapman

“As a parent and teacher my advice would be to make it a very positive day. Don't worry if they cry as you are leaving them. Almost all children stop the minute their parent has gone (I'm sure they do it to make parents guilty!). If [your little one] does cry, be strong, give him a big hug and kiss and tell him you will be back later. The longer you stay the longer [they] will cry. You can always ring when you get home to check they settle OK. Enjoy every moment of sending them off for their next adventure!”- Siân Bodenham

“Make it a fun filled day with lots of positive comments on how well the child is doing” - Amina Gulshana

“Make sure you know the correct times to pick your little one up! My son started part time due to his age. Finished at 12 but I thought [it was] half 12. Embarrassing on his first day two years ago!” - Stacey Wesemann

“Stick to a good routine, say goodbye, hang his coat and bag up with him, put his snack in the snack pot if there is one. Tell him you will see him later so he knows you are coming back.” - Chloe Daisy

"Make sure you have got everything ready the night before and you have set the alarm, so before you take them you can spend quality time talking about things they might do, and you're not rushing" - Claire Osland

A huge thank you to every one of our Facebook fans who responded so eloquently to our request for back to school advice for fellow mums, dads and carers. Although we simply don’t have space to feature all of the tips on the website, these are Charlotte Pearl’s personal favourite ten.

To read more advice from our fans, check out our Facebook page and join the conversation here! We’d love to be friends!

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