Baby Changing Bags Everything You Need

There are some products where you just don't know exactly what you need until you start using them. Baby changing bags are one of these products; a must-have for every new parent, but a completely unknown quantity in terms of size and performance. It's only when you use your changing bag day-in, day-out that you realise whether it's well designed or not.

Functional Baby Changing Bags

Holding a squirming baby with one hand and rooting around in your changing bag with the other isn't fun and it can get really frustrating if things aren't readily available when you need them. Having baby changing bags isn't just about buying a huge bag to carry everything you need; it's about having the right things available at the right time so that you can make your life and your baby's life a little bit easier. Juggling bottles, nappies, wipes and toys is a skill you learn quickly, but the whole process is made much easier if your changing bag is well organised:

  • Accessible – the stuff you carry in your baby changing bag needs to be accessible. That's why it's sensible to put bottle pockets on the outside of the bag, or have a separate bottle pouch that you can get in and out of your bag easily. With a little thought, designers can create a changing bag where the stuff you need is available when you need it.
  • Practical – bottles need to be insulated, nappies need to be in a waterproof pocket, changing mats need to be wipeable – all these things need to be taken into consideration when you're choosing baby changing bags. Keeping things safe and secure is important, because the last thing you need is for your last nappy to be wet and unusable because your bottle of milk has leaked. These things matter, and good design will help you to avoid problems.
  • Multi-functional – as your baby grows, it's handy to have a changing bag that can grow with them. You'll need to change them for quite some time, but milk bottles can give way to water, and soft animals can be replaced by books or toys. You might not need to pack as many spare vests and babygrows for a two-year-old as you did for a newborn, but you will need hats, gloves, sun cream and many other bits and pieces. A good changing bag can last for years to come.

Baby Changing Bags at Pink Lining

At Pink Lining, we recognise that you need a practical changing bag that's easy to organise and easy to use. We also know that you want something that looks great wherever you go, and that's why we've developed our collection of baby changing bags, smaller bags, travel changing mats and more. Take a look at our award-winning range today and order online, or call us on 0207 034 0035 if you have any queries.