Baby Changing Bags - A Real Hold-all

Like the Tardis, baby changing bags can look chic on the outside and still hold everything you need on the inside.

New mothers have a lot to cope with and just leaving the house for the first time after your baby is born can be a massive operation. In order to manage all the things you need and still look in charge, you need to be organised. Baby changing bags allow you to pack and travel with ease and the latest designs will ensure that you look fabulous wherever you go.

Organised Baby Changing Bags

There are several things to look for when you're choosing a baby changing bag, and style is only one of them. Most importantly, your changing bag needs to be able to hold everything you need for a trip out with your baby. As your baby grows, your bag will need to hold different things, so make sure you choose one that has:

  • Bottle holder – whether you choose to use a bottle from birth or you're likely to switch to the bottle when your baby is older, you'll need somewhere safe to carry bottles. Good baby changing bags come with bottle holders – some of them insulated – which let you carry your bottles upright and away from other items in your bag.
  • Changing mat – you'll often need to change your baby on the go, and even in places where baby changing facilities are available, you'll want a mat to insulate your baby from the surface you're using. Baby changing bags often come with integrated changing mats, but if not, you'll certainly want a bag that's big enough to accommodate your own fold-up mat.
  • Nappies – keeping nappies and wipes protected is important, so an integrated pocket or bag where you can keep nappies so that they're easily available is really handy. What's more, you'll need room for other changing necessities such as cream or hand wash.
  • Your stuff – most people don't want to carry round a baby changing bag and a handbag, so you'll want to look for changing bags that give you space to carry your purse, keys and phone. The latest designs make sure that you can carry everything you need for travelling with your baby.
  • Fabulous Baby Changing Bags Online

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